James Jordan Biography
James Jordan Biography

James was born in Gillingham, Kent and grew up in the Medway area of Kent. James mum, Sharon is now retired but you can often find her on the golf course or shopping..!!! James Dad, Alan is a Site Manager for a Power Station. Both parents used to teach the formation team at Peggy Spencer's dance school in Penge (very famous formation team that appeared on 'Come Dancing' for 40 years) but didn't continue their dancing after having children.

James has an older sister called Kelly who has a Son Lewis who is 9, and two little Daughters Sophie 19 months and Rosie 5 months.  Kelly used to dance during her childhood, but didn't continue through to adulthood. James began dancing at 10 years old – he recognises that he was quite a late starter when compared to other dancers. 'My sister Kelly started at group dance classes and a friend of mine also attended. I was pushed into going by my parents and at first it was a great laugh, I just went along for the fun and wasn't really that interested'  You can follow Kelly on Twitter @Kellymorgan102.

However, as time progressed, the teachers realised James had talent and suggested that he get a partner and start taking part in medallist competitions.

At 14 years old, James was competing against other dance schools and by the age of 15, he began to compete in open competitions although he readily admits that 'at first, I was eliminated very early in competitions'.

However, at around 18 years old, James suddenly started to become successful. 'Suddenly I was doing really well in the competitions and I noticed that girls became interested in me the more successful I became. It made me try even harder!'. James' desire to dance made him take a job working with his father as an engineer in a power station to fund his classes.

'The people were fantastic and the job was pure manual labour, I did enjoy it and it was definitely an experience but I wasn't doing it for a career in engineering, I was doing it to pay for my dancing and fund my professional career'.

James was a major finalist in all Open International Competitions for the Under 21's. He was ranked one of the best in the world and was flourishing in the competitions. Once he turned 21, James could no longer take part in Youth competitions, so he decided to take a break from competing and he stopped dancing with his partner. 'To be honest, I was fed up with dancing for a while, and just wanted a break. I split with my partner, but earlier on at a competition, I had seen Ola dancing and thought she was absolutely amazing even though she was only 15 years old! When I split with my partner I immediately thought of Ola.'.

James took a 6 month break from dancing, and then decided to travel to Poland and have a try-out with Ola. They were perfect together and within three weeks Ola had moved to the UK and become dance partners.

Within six months of meeting they entered their first competition and after this amazing partnership was formed they went onto compete all over the world, winning many championships and becoming one of the top 12 dance couples in the world, also representing England in the World Championships.

After getting married in October 2003, James and Ola moved to Hong Kong where they both taught Latin American dancing for 4 years. During this period they decided to take a three year sabbatical break from dancing.

After 3 years they both got itchy feet and decided to hit the dance circuit once more, and at this point hit the peak of their competitive career.

James and Ola entered BBC1 Strictly Come Dancing series 4.

James is a keen sportsman and loves to take part in activities such as golf, pool, tennis, squash and riding his Motorbike a Honda CBR600RR. James can often be found at Brands Hatch taking part in track days with MSV.

He also owns a speedboat and loves water skiing and wakeboarding. He is extremely competitive, and loves to take part in anything that means he can show this competitive streak!

Since taking part in the series last year, James and Ola have appeared in the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour as well as performing dance showcase across the UK and Europe.

James has been teaching and running his own dance events. They also found time to take part in a celebrity version of 'Total Wipeout' and James appeared on 'Tonight's The Night', dancing with a very deserving member of the public.

James was Head Judge and Presenter on a groundbreaking show, Dancing on Wheels, which was produced by Fever Media. Dancing on Wheels pairs disabled and able-bodied contestants as they learn the art of Ballroom and Latin dance. Contestants include Heather Small, Mark Foster and Kevin Sacre.

Specialty: Latin American

Professional Achievements:

 - World youth finalist in Blackpool, International and UK Open to the World
 - British Closed Runners Up
 - Canada Open Amateur Champion
 - Japan Open Professional Champion
 - 2006 British Open Rising Star Professional Latin Runners Up
 - 2006 UK Open Rising Star Professional Latin American Finalists
 - 2005/2006 Latin American Closed British Finalists
 - 2006 Professional International Latin American Championships, ranked Top 12 in World.

James is very honest, extremely cheeky and very straightforward. James just tells it like it is!


 - Height: 5'11
 - Age: 32 (13th April 1978)
 - Eye Colour: Blue

Favourite Dances:

James favourite Latin dance is the Rumba

“The Rumba is a very passionate dance and it allows you to get up close and personal with your partner”

James favourite Ballroom dance is the Foxtrot

“This is the smoothest of the ballroom dances and as I’m a smooth guy it suits me very well”

James and Ola would like to thank both sets of parents, without whom none of this would be possible.

James Jordan Biography
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